Dr Hawary

How Often Can We Visit The Dentist?


We take proper care of our house by maintaining it keeping it clean furnishing it mainly to look pleasing to our eyes and to also look beautiful to other people. Just as we take care of ourselves we try our best to look good and wear the best clothes. We should also take proper care of our oral hygiene that is the most important part of our life because oral hygiene is the most vital part of our body. We should visit                    the dentist in werribee at least twice a year for our general checkup and if we have any kind of problem we should visit as the orthodontist would advise us. Many problems are faced by normal people and especially the children they have tooth decay problems due to eating sugar-coated candies. We should take good care of our oral hygiene and keep our teeth healthy and clean.

Take good care of your teeth

We should take good care of our teeth because many of us even the adults avoid brushing teeth twice a day and because of that, they have tooth decay and many other problems which are harmful to them. Most children love to eat candies and all the sugary stuff which leads to tooth decay every fourth child of Australia is suffering from tooth decay and the big reason is that they don’t brush their teeth. Then they have to visit the dentist so he can apply for some medicines and remove the decay and also guide them for good oral hygiene.

Many diseases are caused by tooth problems

Some adults also avoid brushing and because they do not brush the food gets stuck in the cavity which produces bacteria’s and germs in your mouth that is very harmful to a human and because of that they problem serious health problems as diabetes, blood pressure, plaque, cavities, toothache, headache and many other problems then you have to visit the dentist who will provide you with proper treatment and guide you further to take care of your health. You should visit at least twice a year because you may have certain teeth problems which may damage your health.

How to have good oral health

You should at least brush your teeth two times a day do floss two times a day and protect ourselves from different kinds of diseases which cause severe damage to our health. We should avoid eating sugary items and also ask our children to avoid using too much sugar. We should regularly use mouthwash and gargle after every meal. Good oral hygiene leads to a good life and you can visit the dentists in werribee in intervals so he can also keep a track of your record and guide you further to take care of your hygiene.