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An artificial joint made out of a metal insert is used to supplement the normal hip joint. It is a very effective treatment for pain relief and physical regeneration. The smooth padding at the ends of the bones is articular cartilage which allows for smooth mobility inside our joints. The ball (top end of the femoral bone) and hip replacement surgeon in sydney made socket of the hip joint (part of our pelvis).

The bare bone is uncovered and comes into contact with another as we lose articular cartilage. This causes discomfort, stiffness, rigidity and decreased joint function. This can be caused by sports injury surgery, multiple disease mechanisms, and is categorised under the broad arthritis heading.

In order to do the same procedure, there are many different ways to reach the hip. Dr Shidiak possesses extensive knowledge of all three traditional methods (direct anterior, posterior and anterolateral). The preference of Dr Shidiak hip replacement surgeon is to use a strategy with a minimum of invasion (see “old approach hip”) as far as possible. This strategy cuts no muscles and makes it easy to heal rapidly in the early post-operative phase.


Hip replacement is usually “major” which lasts about five days in the hospital accompanied by physiotherapy and recovery. Most patients drive a car and walk independently for six weeks.


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What is a hip replacement for the revision and why is it required?

The main procedure is called the first joint substitution (hip or knee). The artificial joints such as our ancestral joints will wear out in time by hip replacement surgeon and require a review process.

The data from Australia’s sports injury surgery reveals that some 6-7% of joint substitutes would need 14 years revision service because of a problem. After 14 years, the majority (93 percent) of joint replacements still perform well. Problems that need to be updated include:

  • Implants are separated from the bone
  • Dislocation Persistent (usually in hips not knees)
  • In-facture
  • Brokering
  • Breakage of implant
  • Plastic or metal done

Joint overhaul is difficult to execute major operation which involves thorough planning and analysis. Basically, all parts must be replaced with new ones, so that the patient gets a pain-free joint again. Furthermore the process has to do with the cause of failure, for example. Fix crack, eradicate infection. This is why surgeons attempt to postpone the hip replacement surgeon for as long as possible. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint condition capable of affecting the body’s hips and other joints.