Dr Hawary

About Teeth And Teeth Whitening



Teeth are major part of a human body which help him to use their mouth for eating, chewing, and giving shape to a human mouth. Each tooth give its own function and have its own name. Teeth are made up of different layers the most basic function of a human teeth is to mechanically break down the food items and making this food able to swallow. So as we have discussed earlier teeth help to give shape of mouth so it’s very important factor to make our teeth clean and white in order to give a beautiful look of our mouth.

Teeth whitening in south yarra is the process in which we expose the real white colour of tooth by the removal of strains using some chemical reactions. Bleaching can also be added in this process. In bleaching the chemical degradation of chromogens take place. Here another important process also held which we called dental implants. It means to replace the tooth roots. Some people see loss in their teeth in very early ages. So those young people prefer to use this process. Teeth whitening can also be added in this category. The reason for this is that some people have permanent light yellow colour of their teeth. It means there is a deficiency of calcium in it. So this deficiency causes the weakness in tooth gums where dental implants process are preferable.

Cosmetic dentistry enable the people to make their teeth more attractive when they smile and laugh. When people go for a dental implants they must see that their teeth would be better if they have a cosmetic dentistry involves addition to dental material on their teeth and on gums. People used to laminate their teeth and covering them with a crown which we called as teeth cap.

All these processes including teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implant, are done by a dentist. A dentist is a doctor of teeth which help people to make their teeth healthier and stronger.

Teeth whitening tips:

  • Teeth whitening tips include artificial covering of calcium on the teeth of youngsters or any person with an age of less than 60.
  • Dentist use custom whitening tray on their patients which help them to make their teeth brighter.
  • Rubbing lemon and baking soda on the upper layer of teeth also help it to shine bright.
  • Hydrogen or carbide peroxide are essential teeth whitening agents.
  • By using cosmetic dentistry some people use to get an additional thin layer of calcium on their teeth which help to protect the original teeth layer.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables help our teeth to become stronger and whiten their colour.
  • Homemade bleach for teeth include 5 to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide. This teeth bleach should be applied for 10 minutes a day to see a better result.
  • Brushing teeth daily before and after meal is also very effective. It remove all the germs and make teeth fresh for every food. For more information visit our website: www.olstein.com.au